We are the masters of
Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

You may have noticed that many Meridian Audio products feature the letters 'DSP' within their name. 

These three letters stand for 'Digital Signal Processing'; a technology that we adopted over 25 years ago and have been perfecting ever since. 

Why do we
use Digital Signal Processing (DSP)?

In short, DSP enables our products to achieve an extremely accurate reproduction of audio signals. This is one of the reasons why when you listen to a Meridian system, it feels as though the artist is right there in the room with you.

One of the most exciting capabilities of DSP is the level of control and adaptability it offers. Here are just a few of the many revolutionary Meridian product features that would be simply impossible to reproduce in the conventional analogue domain...

Unique Meridian Technologies Made Possible by DSP

Master Quality Authenticated [MQA] is a revolutionary end-to-end technology that delivers master quality audio in a file that’s small enough to stream or download. What’s more, it’s backwards compatible, so will play on any device. And because it’s fully authenticated, you can be sure you’re hearing exactly what the artist approved in the studio.

Enhanced Bass Alignment [EBA] enables accurate time-alignment of the high, mid and bass frequencies reproduced by our loudspeakers. This process ensures that all of the sounds reach your ear at the same time, providing exceptional imaging and a clear, transparent, life-like sound.

The effect of sound arriving before the picture is highly noticeable when watching your favourite movies and television shows. Many Meridian products feature Lip-Sync to perfectly realign the audio with the video so that you can become completely absorbed.

Meridian High Resolution [MHR] allows the secure movement of high resolution digital audio within a Meridian system, without degradation or loss in quality.

Download our white paper to discover the science behind Digital Signal Processing

Why does DSP provide
the best possible listening experience?

Even with high-quality conventional analogue circuitry, unwanted noise and degradation to sound quality are inevitable.

By digitally processing audio signals instead, they are able to retain absolute precision, resulting in a sound that is natural, three-dimensional and remarkably easy to listen to.

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