As the pioneers of Hi-Res Audio, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new “Dealer School”. ‘Dealer School’ is our new and expanded training programme designed to give installers the full range of skills and knowledge they need to integrate AV technology within the home and deliver a premium experience for their clients.  

The Dealer School programme features new dedicated training on four key areas, as well as two existing courses:


Meridian Basic Setup [NEW]

Meridian Advanced Setup [NEW]

Home Cinema Essentials [NEW]

Meridian Sooloos [NEW]

Two-Channel Masterclass [CEDIA Certified Training]

Multi-Channel Masterclass [CEDIA Certified Training]


In the year of our 40th anniversary, the launch of Meridian’s Dealer School is further evidence of our commitment to the professional home technology sector. All courses are free for dealers to attend and each take place over one day. These new sessions complement our popular CEDIA Certified Two Channel and Multi-Channel Master Classes which are also available as part of the programme. 

“Attending ’Dealer School’ will help fast-track learning for integrators in new, important areas,” says Hugo Fitzjohn, Technical Education and Sales Support Manager at Meridian. “This represents a significant expansion in the support that we offer to those dealers who are as committed as we are to providing a premium audio visual experience.”

We will also continue to offer our training sessions at leading industry events, as well as our two existing CEDIA Certified classes, Two Channel and Multi-Channel Master Classes, providing the fundamental skills needed to assemble high quality audio systems. At CEDIA San Diego, Hugo will be presenting “Hi Res in the Home Theatre”, showing integrators how to achieve phenomenal sound and provide the very best audio experience in the home cinema. In addition to the new Dealer School, we will continue to provide innovative, competitive solutions to support high quality home theatres and distributed audio systems, launching a range of new products to deliver peerless Hi-Res Audio.

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