The Meridian experience
extends to new markets

Our partnerships are the natural consequence of our desire to share quality. Our relentless desire to put the listener at the heart of every performance continues to inspire our research as we extend our signature sound quality to a number of environments. With our high-performance technologies and unsurpassed knowledge of digital signal processing, we are in a unique position to transform the way people experience sound.

"At Meridian, we understand the value that combining the expertise of different teams can bring to innovative projects. Our ambition is to enable people to listen, enjoy and fall in love with their music and movies wherever they are."

John Buchanan, CEO, Meridian Audio 

Our commitment to creating the most rewarding in-car audio experiences combined with the luxury and performance of Jaguar sports cars; a truly unique drive defined by British engineering.
Our partnership with Land Rover celebrates the finest in British luxury and refined capabilities. Together we break the boundaries of the in-car audio experience.
Land rover
Dedicated to the recreation of the most authentic and high-performance sound possible, Meridian has collaborated with HiPhi, a premium smart all-electric vehicle brand, to deliver a professional and immersive in-car audio experience for its HiPhi X vehicle.