Meridian Select:
Unique sound deserves a unique finish

All Meridian Audio lacquer finished DSP loudspeakers and 800 series components come as standard in a choice of striking high-gloss black or white.

But what if you desire a finish that complements your interior design project, matches your new car or simply something that's a little more striking?

That's where Meridian Select, our custom finishing service, can help. 

Using the RAL Classic system, you can specify one of around 270 custom colours and shades to help your Meridian system achieve an ideal match, or standout look, within its surroundings. 

Meridian Bespoke
For a truly individual Meridian experience

We appreciate that you may want something even more special than a RAL colour finish to make your Meridian system one-of-a-kind. Specific colour matches, incorporated logos and specialist detailing are just a few possibilities offered through our Meridian Bespoke service.

We want to ensure that you have exactly what you desire, so if you have a dream finish in mind, get in touch and we will endeavour to make it a reality.

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