Meridian is extremely proud to be involved in the delivery of the ultimate all-electric performance SUV. Built from the ground up, the Jaguar I‑PACE is a pure Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV).

“Without the low-frequency masking of the background noise of the engine, wind noise becomes more of a noticeable problem,” says Laurence, Meridian’s Research and Applied Technologies Team Leader. “Therefore greater care and attention had to be taken over the mid and high-frequency ranges to deliver a unique, personal and incredibly realistic listening experience.”

Bring your music to life with a choice of two Meridian sound systems. Choose the exceptional definition, crystal clear highs and full, deep bass of Meridian Sound. Or, for all the fullness and clarity of a live performance, choose the superb Meridian Surround Sound System with Trifield™ technology. 

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Meridian is dedicated to the recreation of the most authentic and immersive sound possible while on the move.
In-Car Audio
Our commitment to creating the most rewarding in-car audio experiences combined with the luxury and performance of Jaguar sports cars; a truly unique drive defined by British engineering.