Integrators Immersed
at Distributed by Meridian Day


Last week integrators were welcomed to Meridian Audio HQ in Huntingdon to learn more about the dynamic range of products on offer. ‘Distributed by Meridian Day’ included three informative sessions on Barco Residential and Display Technologies, with demonstrations, hands-on product showcases, and networking opportunities throughout the day.

Attendees were introduced to the range of products from Barco Residential, including the Barco Residential 5K Loki Cinemascope projector, which was demonstrated in our Reference Digital Theatre. This space allowed integrators to experience the power, depth, and premium performance that a  Barco Residential projection solution, Display Technologies Dynamic 2S screen and Meridian surround sound system can deliver.

In the media room, integrators were shown the benefits of the Barco Medea projector, which works in conjunction with our 271 Digital Theatre Controller and in-wall DSP loudspeakers. As the brightest UHD laser projector at its price point, the Medea features 5500 lumen for true HDR playback, five lens options for increased flexibility, and high-quality image and dynamic contrast for the ultimate movie-watching experience.

Elsewhere, our team were on-hand to introduce integrators to Display Technologies screens, as well as their range of vertical mirror mounts and performance-enhancing image surfaces for the perfect viewing experience.  With a particular focus on the Reference Display Technologies series, integrators learnt about the knitted, highly acoustically transparent image surface range of screens, which are available as part of our complimentary Design and Specification Service.

Together, alongside Barco Residential and Display Technologies, we can provide the necessary components for an unbeatable home cinema or media room installation. To learn more about our distributed brands and arrange a personal demo at Meridian HQ, visit here.

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