Kia EV6
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Meridian Audio’s automotive portfolio has further expanded with the introduction of Kia’s EV6, its first Battery Electric Vehicle. The EV6, which has been launched under the new Kia design philosophy, ‘Opposites United,’ features a 14-speaker Meridian premium surround-sound system that delivers a truly immersive sound experience.

The EV6 has been designed to redefine the boundaries of electric mobility with inspiring design, exhilarating performance and innovative space, and displays a future oriented EV design that is characterised by high-tech details. For this model, Kia has introduced a suite of technologies that enhance safety, connectivity and infotainment – all implemented to make travelling safer, easier and more enjoyable.


"Our relationship with Kia began when we won the business to engineer an audio system for the K8 sports sedan. Now, we have expanded our collaboration with Kia for its new EV6 vehicle. Knowing Kia’s plans to accelerate its electric vehicle offerings, we are very excited to have been appointed to design the bespoke audio system for this landmark project."

John Buchanan, CEO of Meridian Audio


Thanks to increased investment in its research programmes, the Meridian team understands the engineering demands and unique challenges of automotive audio. The engineers utilised this knoweldge to design a 14-speaker audio system that features several proprietary digital signal processing (DSP) technologies.

Meridian Digital Precision maximises the signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring the finest details of every song are retained; while Meridian RE-Q cabin correction technology intelligently and discreetly optimises the audio system to the precise acoustics of the vehicle cabin, preserving the natural rhythm of the performance. Meridian Horizon, an upmixing technology, provides multi-channel audio from two-channel stereo content, as well as centre image and ambience level controls for the user, while Meridian lntelli-Q Data-Driven Equalisation optimises audio playback within the cabin based on data available from the vehicle, such as speed, window state, and roof state.

The result is a premium system that integrates seamlessly with the design intent of the vehicle and delivers optimal and immersive audio to all occupants in the car.

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