The latest development in our collaboration with LG Electronics sees Meridian’s superior audio quality in LG’s new 2019 range of soundbars.  As the pioneers of high-resolution audio, we have worked closely with LG to improve the sound in three new soundbar models for 2019 (SL10YG, SL9YG & SL8YG) which all offer Dolby Atmos and DTS:X support for the ultimate listening experience.

The collaboration goes far beyond fine-tuning or adopting new feature-sets, with both companies joining forces to engineer sound which delivers a truly unrivalled soundbar listening experience.

John Buchanan, Meridian Audio’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “From the start of our partnership in 2017, Meridian and LG have combined our expertise to produce pioneering audio solutions for more people to enjoy around the globe. We’re delighted to now offer more of Meridian’s innovative technologies for LG’s 2019 soundbar range, creating a more authentic, immersive and thrilling home theatre audio experience.”

We have proudly implemented three unique technologies, to deliver unrivalled sound quality for LG;

Meridian ‘Bass & Space’ technology improves the soundstage delivering a coherent sound image with a strong bass response.

Meridian ‘Image Elevation’ creates a more lifelike listening experience by psychoacoustically matching the positioning of the sound with the on-screen image.

Meridian ‘Upmix’ technology improves the soundstage of the whole system, increasing the “sweet-spot” area and overall sense of immersion.

These exclusive cutting-edge technical enhancements for LG’s 2019 line-up mean that customers can expect an even greater home theatre experience when enjoying their favourite music and movies. To learn more about our unique Digital Signal Processing.

“Our 2019 soundbars deliver amazing sound and the convenience of smart AI connectivity, fine-tuned in close partnership with Meridian Audio,” said Seo Young-jae, head of the Convergence Audio and Video Business Division at LG’s Home Entertainment Company. “The high-quality sound and versatility of our 2019 line-up takes home entertainment to a whole new level. These compelling offerings satisfy growing demand for premium soundbar solutions that provide impressive listening experiences, greater convenience, and stylish, modern aesthetics.”

As well as the 2019 soundbars, LG’s expanded XBOOM line-up also boasts an unmatched sound quality and ease-of-use created in partnership with Meridian. New for 2019, the XBOOM Onebody model offers ‘Meridian Mode3’, an exclusive sound setting which results in clearer vocals and more responsive, accurate bass performance, perfect for music lovers. Meanwhile, the XBOOM AI ThinQ speakers feature Meridian technologies, further setting them apart from the competition. The XBOOM AI ThinQ was awarded with a Which? Best Buy title in June 2018, as well as the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) award for Artificial Intelligence Loudspeaker 2018-2019, and the Best Smart Speaker at the TechRadar CES Awards 2018. Learn more about our key partnership with LG.

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