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Appoints International Sales

We have appointed International Sales, a team of experienced professionals dedicated to selling high quality home theatre and audio systems through distribution networks, to represent the brand and build sales with new and existing dealers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

John Buchanan, our CEO commented, “We are excited to see this strategic partnership develop to strengthen our brand and deliver greater support to our customers across Latin America and the Caribbean. With International Sales contacts, industry knowledge, and service, and our impressive and extensive product range of high-quality audio systems, we believe that this relationship will allow us to significantly grow our business in these residential technology markets.

Founded in 1993, International Sales bridges the gap between manufacturers, distributors, and integrators. During their two decades of experience, International Sales has developed quality relationships with potential customers for us and a broad knowledge of the industry. The team of experienced professionals are well-versed in all aspects of international business and have a proven track record of excellence and professionalism. The staff are fluent in a variety of languages which is a great asset in communicating and understanding the needs and opportunities of the global market. They also represent Barco Residential, as well as being active members of CEDIA, making them a great fit for our brand.

President of International Sales, Joe Manning stated, “Meridian is a proven pioneer of Hi-Res audio. The expertly performing products combined with the complementary Design and Specification Service, technical support and training on offer, shows why integrators enjoy specifying and installing its Hi-Res products. We are delighted to be representing Meridian in Latin America and the Caribbean and look forward to working with the team to introduce innovative solutions to a new audience. We’ll be kickstarting this partnership off at CEDIA Expo in Denver, so look forward to talking about these Hi-Res audio products to integrators at the show.”

To meet with International Sales at CEDIA Expo, please contact the team on To find out more about International Sales, visit

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