Meridian Audio Powers New LG Headphones
For Hi Res Audio On The Move

Here at Meridian Audio, we have partnered with LG Electronics (LG) to provide the sound solution for the latest models in the popular LG TONE family of wearable audio systems. Three all-new Bluetooth® 5.0 wireless headsets combine a slim, seamless design with stunning sound performance thanks to precise tuning and final voicing.

Combining our in-depth understanding of psychoacoustics and audio innovation with LG’s reputation for producing innovative consumer products, these new headphone models (HBS-XL7, HBS-SL5, and HBS-SL6S) deliver a clear and balanced sound solution for an even better listening experience. A composite diaphragm inside the speaker unit produces clarity in high and low ranges. The high-strength metal layer creates accurate treble, while a plastic layer produces rich, deep bass.


"We recognise the importance of high-quality audio in creating the ultimate user experience, and we poured all of our accumulated expertise into creating the sound identity for this new range of LG TONE products."

John Buchanan, Meridian's Chief Executive Officer



"High-performance audio is more relevant today than ever before, especially for on-the-move listening. Whether you’re at home, in the car, commuting or at the gym, the new LG TONE models are a clear step forward in audio innovation and performance, and will provide outstanding entertainment for consumers worldwide, meeting the demand for convenient high-quality listening experiences, anywhere."

Kim Dae-chul, LG Home Entertainment Company's Audio and Video Business Manager


“The partnership with Meridian is an example of LG’s commitment to creating premium audio solutions that can rival the best in the business,” continued Kim Dae-chul. “By extending the collaboration to the LG TONE line-up, we're taking another step to deliver high-fidelity audio to customers on-the-go."

With our advanced tuning technology, the LG HBS-XL7 TONE Flex is designed to be easily carried anywhere, with up to eight hours of play time. Thanks to a 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC, the LG TONE Flex upscales lower-quality files to reproduce Hi-Res, finely detailed audio that sounds close to the original studio recording. With a dedicated Google Assistant button, the LG TONE Flex allows users to stay connected, enjoy entertainment, get information, and manage their day – all without glancing at their smartphone.

Thanks again to our advanced tuning the LG TONE Style models deliver a premium audio experience with up to eight hours of play time. The HBS-SL6S model also comes equipped with a convenient, high-performance external speaker that enables wearers to make phone calls or listen to music without the retractable earbuds.  

These new models also feature a fast-charging battery that delivers up to three hours of use from only a ten-minute charge. Thanks to dual microphones, each new headset picks up a wearer's voice more clearly, so phone calls are more audible, even in noisy environments.

The LG TONE products are available to purchase on the LG website and through major providers in the US. To find out more, visit:

For further information on Meridian and our partnerships, visit


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