Meridian Audio Partners With LG
To Deliver High-Performance Audio Solutions


This week we had the pleasure of inviting press, journalists and LG partners from all over the world to experience Meridian HQ and get to know more about our collaboration with LG. 

LG has a long history of developing audio products for global consumers and the partnership with us will raise the bar on acoustic performance, using natural and authentic sound derived from rigorous research and development. 

"Our partnership with Meridian is an example of LG's commitment to creating premium audio systems that rival the best in the business," said Tim Alessi, head of product marketing at LG Electronics USA. "Together with Meridian we're delivering an outstanding entertainment experience for LG customers worldwide."


"We are thrilled to have entered into this unique partnership with LG and confident that our expertise and shared values will see us bring a great number of innovations to the market together."

John Buchanan, CEO, Meridian Audio



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