Meridian Supports Dealer
With Consumer-Focused Tour

We recently opened our doors to long-time customer, Martins Hi-Fi, for a consumer-focussed event that saw a number of the integrator’s key clients visit our HQ and experience High Resolution audio for themselves.

Martins Hi-Fi is one of our oldest dealers, having been a loyal customer for nearly 40 years. One of the reasons for this successful relationship is that we are always on hand to support the Martins Hi-Fi team with a value-added service. This was particularly apparent when we hosted a special event at our HQ in Cambridgeshire targeting new and existing customers of Martins Hi-Fi. Throwing our doors open, the event was structured in a way to provide visitors with an introduction to Meridian and Martins Hi-Fi, a tour of the manufacturer’s facility, including the factory, a product showcase, as well as standout demonstrations of our Reference Digital Theatre, Media Room and Reception show space.  


“On behalf of Martins, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for all of your time and support in making the event such a great success” comments Marcus Harbord, General Manager at Martins Hi-Fi. “It’s a pleasure having such a good relationship between Martins and Meridian.”

This event was the first of its kind for our company. Following its success, we are looking to offer this as an option to all of our customers. Our team understands the importance for integrators to have the opportunity to show their customers the end solutions.


"I just want to say how much Anna and I enjoyed our visit to Meridian. As you can imagine, I was very much a ‘kid in a candy shop’ and we both enjoyed it immensely. Jack took excellent care of us on the ‘green team’. Please pass on my thanks to those at Martins and Meridian who had a part in organising what was a professional, generous, and fascinating visit."



"Many thanks for the invitation, the trip was very well organised and structured. I think you had a good mix of customers, from those who are lifelong owners to those who are considering a purchase and those who haven’t really come across the products. The flexibility and wide product options came through the different demos Meridian ran. Customers made some interesting comments such as the good value of digital active when you consider the sound quality of the speakers compared to what you would need to spend on passive alternatives. The newer in-wall products were superb and very cost effective/space saving when compared to using freestanding speakers in theatre systems."


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