Meridian Welcomes
US Dealers to HQ

We were delighted to open our doors at Meridian HQ to an influential group of high end home integrators from the USA as part of an extended European visit that also took in our brand partners Barco Residential at their facility in Belgium.

 Twelve US firms joined the visit, including representatives from Acoustic Architects, Amplified Lifestyles, Barrett’s Technology Solutions, Boca Theater, Hometronics and Osbee. The trip provided a great opportunity for these dealers to find out more about Meridian’s heritage in Hi-Res audio, to touch, feel and listen to our latest products and to go behind-the-scenes of how we design and engineer our loudspeakers.

 Our new DSP520.2 / DSP640.2 In-Wall Loudspeakers together with products from our exceptional 200 Series proved to be highlights from the visit alongside our advanced Reference Digital Theatre, which showcased the power, depth, and premium performance delivered by a Meridian surround sound system.

“I really enjoyed visiting Meridian's headquarters in the UK where our group had the opportunity to tour their manufacturing facility,” said Brian Perreault of Chicago’s Barrett’s Technology Solutions.


"We saw first-hand the meticulous care that goes into building Meridian products while learning more about their extensive history and numerous technology innovations. It was a pleasure to meet many of the employees working "behind the scenes" while there, and the passion that goes into designing and building Meridian products was obvious. I couldn't be more proud to represent their brand at Barrett's Technology Solutions."

Brian Perreault, Barrett’s Technology Solutions.


“It was extremely informative and eye opening to visit the headquarters of Meridian,” added Dave Raines from Osbee based in Harrison, NY. “Not only did it solidify my feelings towards the brand, but it enhanced it.  Seeing how everything is made and the level of detail and dedication that goes into each component gave me an appreciation for Meridian products.”

 Thanks to all who gave up their time to pay us a visit.  We look forward to welcoming more of our US dealers to Cambridgeshire later in the year!

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