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We were thrilled to welcome the top manufacturer rep firms who work with Meridian in the US to our HQ in Huntingdon recently. More than 8 people from the leading man rep firms across the US took a tour of the Meridian facility, discovering more about the brand and experiencing demonstrations of our architectural loudspeakers, products from our 200 Series and more.

“I’ve had an awesome trip with Meridian, they have been fantastic hosts,” said Mike Fassetta, Regional Sales Manager at Momentum Marketing. “The Meridian HQ is even nicer than I thought it would be, everyone I have met has been incredibly welcoming and, of course, the audio around the facility sounds amazing. The key takeaway that I’m leaving with is the insight I now have into the amount of engineering that goes into everything that Meridian does. It’s really unlike anything I have seen before, and we have dealt with most of the elite audio brands in the industry.”


"Meridian is a brand with huge potential for US integrators, especially those working in San Francisco and Northern California where customers want the best quality but where space for installation is often at a premium."

Mark Fielder, Fielder Marketing


“It’s the sound quality, form factor and range of Meridian products that really appeals. Take the 200 Series as an example. The 251 Powered Zone Controller is tiny but has two powerful channels of onboard amplification that can improve audio performance and save space for analog speaker applications. The Meridian 258 has similar appeal – it’s a great 1U, rack-mount Eight-Channel Power Amplifier that can be integrated with any existing passive loudspeaker system. The 271 Digital Home Theater Controller is another compact product that can integrate any analog or digital AV processor or receiver on the market with Meridian’s Digital Sound Processing (DSP) loudspeakers to boost performance. Then, there’s the new architectural loudspeakers. Listening to these products, the frequency response is extraordinarily well-balanced with great sound dynamics and plenty of detail.”

Our DSP technology is renowned for cutting down on the pre-amplification stage in these products and reducing the amount of equipment integrators need on a project, but without compromising on audio quality. In fact, quite the opposite. DSP technology improves it.   

“Having visited the Meridian facility, you get the exact same sense of attention to detail, beautiful engineering and quality design that you see in these finished products,” said Mark. “The people behind the brand live and breathe Meridian. And it shows. These guys genuinely care about designing and making the best possible products they can.  Meridian is a brand that definitely has the right stuff for US dealers.”    

Thanks to Fielder Marketing, Momentum Marketing, Eastern Systems Marketing, ByDesign, Atlantic Integrated, Tandem Marketing and ARC Sound + Vision for joining us.

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