Streaming Multi-Room Audio

Meridian streaming solutions combines our uncompromising approach to audio performance with the most intuitive and captivating interface. Reconnect with your music.

Streaming Systems


For the music lover, this system delivers the full impact and scale of a live performance from your CD collection or at home.

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Streaming reference

Compact Single Room

Designed for modest CD collections, these systems provide access to millions of songs, with control options including Control 15, iPad, or iPhone.

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Streaming Compact Single Room

Design Inspired Single Room Audio

A system that looks as good as it sounds. Featuring a Control 15, or Media Core 200 and iPad, these systems are perfect for people who classify music as part of their life.

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Streaming Single Room

Design Inspired Multi-Room Audio

Systems which are simple to use and can share their CD collections between two rooms. Each room, or zone, can listen to the same music, or completely independent content, including volume, through Meridian’s elegant DSP Loudspeakers.

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Streaming 2 Room