The innovative luxury of the HiPhi X forms the perfect partnership with the Meridian audio system, connecting the occupants with all the emotions of the original musical performance.

The New HiPhi X is a completely innovative all electric driving experience, bringing together outstanding infotainment, cutting edge technology and luxury.

The strategic partnership sees Meridian supporting the HiPhi all-electric vehicle system design with a suite of proprietary technologies, which along with sound focus settings and data driven EQ, deliver a state-of-the-art listening experience. Loudspeakers have been seamlessly integrated into the automotive interior allowing each passenger to enjoy an audio experience of unparalleled quality, no matter where they are in the vehicle.



"HiPhi’s ambitions in vehicle engineering and design makes this a very exciting partnership for us. Our customers already enjoy high performance audio in their home, and with this new collaboration they will be able to embrace the same experience in their HiPhi vehicle."

John Buchanan, Meridian's Chief Executive Officer



Meridian is recognised worldwide as the DSP thought-leader and pioneer of high resolution audio. Many of the unique technologies developed for Meridian's award-winning DSP loudspeakers are now integrated into the HiPhi X automotive system to deliver an audio experience of unparalleled quality. 

Features at a glance

Meridian is committed to working with partners who share our passion for quality, luxury and innovation.
We are dedicated to the recreation of the most authentic and immersive sound possible while on the move.

System Features Sonic Pro by Meridian Sonic Line by Meridian
Number of Watts 600 600
Number of Speakers 17 9
Unique Meridian Technologies    
Perfect Balance
Digital Precision

Sound Focus Modes

Some Meridian audio systems allow you to change the audio focus within the vehicle to focus on a particular seat or area, we have 4 sound focus modes there are; ALL – Focusing on all seats within the vehicle. DRIVER – Focusing only on the driver seat. VIP – Focusing on the rear seat, diagonal to the driver for a VIP experience. FRONT ROW – Shifting focus to the front seats of the vehicle.

EQ Pre-sets

In some Meridian systems, there is an option to choose from 5 EQ modes: ORIGINAL – authentic Meridian sound. SMOOTH – Best for older recordings which naturally have low bass high treble. LIVE – to extenuate the vocal range, great for speech clarity and string instruments and orchestra. DYNAMIC – Extenuated depth and brilliance (high end and low end). EXTREME – Intensified version of Dynamic.

Bass Modes

In some Meridian systems there is an option to choose from 5 Bass modes - level 1 to level 5. Each bass mode increases the level of the sub and the woofers. Giving low frequency’s a boost. Meridian recommends Level 1 as default setting or perhaps change to Level 3 for certain formats, such as streamed audio, which may suffer from loss of fidelity.

Meridian is dedicated to the recreation of the most authentic and immersive sound possible while on the move.
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