Movement that inspires

The Meridian sound system features 14 strategically placed speakers throughout the cabin. In addition, a number of innovative proprietary technologies have been exclusively tailored for the K8, allowing customers to enjoy a natural, lifelike, and authentic experience.

Every element of the K8 interior has been designed with high-end luxury in mind, serving to elevate the senses of the driver and passengers. Beautifully detailed wood materials help create a feeling of calm and natural wellbeing within the K8, while state-of-the-art tech connects the car to the modern world.


"We are thrilled that Meridian has been selected by Kia to engineer the audio system for their new K8 sports sedan. We are very proud to have won Kia’s business and to be able to be a part of their journey spearheading the popularisation of new mobility services and working to inspire consumers to explore the best ways of getting around. For the K8, Kia has focussed on delivering a luxury interior that is sophisticated, contemporary, and technologically advanced. This matches Meridian’s focus on developing the highest performance audio systems featuring innovative technologies designed into quality, user-friendly solutions within the vehicle."

John Buchanan, Meridian's Chief Executive Officer



Meridian is recognised worldwide as the DSP thought-leader and pioneer of high-resolution audio. Many of the unique technologies developed for Meridian's award-winning DSP loudspeakers are now integrated into the Kia K8 to deliver an audio experience of unparalleled quality. 

Features at a glance

Meridian is committed to working with partners who share our passion for quality, luxury and innovation.
We are dedicated to the recreation of the most authentic and immersive sound possible while on the move.

System Features Meridian Surround Base System
Number of Channels 12 4
Number of Speakers 14 8
Unique Meridian Technologies    
Digital Precision
Meridian is dedicated to the recreation of the most authentic and immersive sound possible while on the move.
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