McLaren 650S

The creators of the McLaren 650S were allowed to design without compromise. Every component is bespoke to their high standards and exacting specification.

Using our wealth of experience and all the latest technological innovations, we’ve created a choice of two in-car audio systems for the McLaren 650S. Discreet design elements and responsive audio performance combine seamlessly to complement the McLaren 650S’ unique interior space and transform each car journey into an impressive experience for all the senses.

The Meridian 2.2 Stereo System incorporates the latest Meridian DSP technology to deliver an effortless and natural stereo sound, providing a sense of realism that’s comparable to the sound of the original performance.

The extra power and luxury of our top-of-the-range Meridian 5.2 Surround Sound System creates a fully-immersive surround sound experience for all occupants.

Meridian is dedicated to the recreation of the most authentic and immersive sound possible while on the move.
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