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Its main role is to act as the control unit and audio input “hub” for Meridian DSP loudspeakers. Meridian DSP loudspeakers have limited input connectivity; some models have just a single Meridian Speakerlink input, others have a Speakerlink input and a coaxial digital socket. The AC200 provides connections for many types of source product. Full details of the inputs can be found on the AC200 data-sheet.

This is not the intended use for the AC200, but it can perform such a role. The unit features a headphone output which, with the appropriate interconnecting cable, can be used to feed the input of conventional power amplification.

No. The AC200 does not feature an Ethernet connection and does not carry the requisite circuitry to act as a streaming device.

No. The AC200 does not support these interfaces.

No. The AC200 does not feature any HDMI inputs.

It is supplied with an external mains power supply module.

Yes. The Prime PS offers an upgrade in performance over the standard PSU.

They are both. The two input sockets are dual-purpose; they can accept stereo analogue audio carried on a three-way mini-jack plug and optical digital audio on a “mini-Toslink” connector.

No. Unlike the mini-jack input sockets, the headphone output socket provides just an analogue connection.

No. A pair of loudspeakers can be connected in either a “star” or a “daisy-chain” arrangement; whichever suits the positions of the loudspeakers and the cabling within the room.

If you want this to happen, it can. There is an option within the configuration menus of the AC200 which allows you to select whether or not sound is muted from the main loudspeakers when headphones are used.

Yes. By default, the headphone output is variable, but this can be changed to provide a fixed output from within the configuration menus.

No. The AC200 is not PC-configurable.

Yes. The AC200 works with the small remote supplied with the unit or with the MSR+.

Naturally, sound quality available from differing sources is subject to the design and capabilities of those products. However, all other things being equal, there is a “pecking order” for potential sound quality. Where available, it is best to use the Speakerlink connection. Next best is digital-coaxial. Optical and USB are a slight step down from this and Analogue connections should be used where they are the only option. Analogue should also be used if the digital outputs available are actually derived from an analogue signal within the source product.

Width controls the amount of stereo widening applied to the sound. Stage relates to the actual physical distance between the loudspeakers. As such, Stage is a contributory factor to what the Width control does. In practice, Stage is configured once at the time of install whereas Width can be changed according to personal preference on-the-fly while listening to music.

The USB input accepts sampling rates of up to 48kHz.

The optical inputs accept sampling rates of up to 96kHz.

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