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The Explorer 2 features a decoder and renderer for MQA. This ensures that MQA-encoded lossless audio files and streams sound exactly like the source. This features was enabled by a firmware upgrade to the Explorer 2 which was introduced in early 2016. Devices running older firmware need to be upgraded in order to support MQA.

The firmware running on the Explorer 2 must be version 1717 or later. The version currently running on the Explorer 2 can be established by running the program “Meridian USB Control Panel” while the device is connected. This program is installed automatically on any computer used with the Explorer 2.

If required, the latest firmware, along with instructions, are available for download from the section "SOFTWARE, DRIVERS AND INSTRUCTIONS"

Most likely, yes. MQA relies on the signal being fed to the Explorer 2 via the USB lead to be “bit-perfect”. A number of software audio players used on computers can provide such an output, but they usually require configuration settings to be changed to achieve its. Some players cannot provide a bit-perfect output under any circumstances.

This is because your audio player produces “bit-perfect” audio only when its built-in volume control is set to maximum. To overcome this, leave the player’s volume control on maximum and use the volume control on the computer itself. This will adjust volume within the Explorer 2 and the MQA LED will stay on.

Yes. When 176kHz or 192kHz is received by the Explorer 2, the appropriate LED illuminates on the device. Full details of the LEDs can be found in the User-guide.

All datastreams are upsampled to 176kHz or 196kHz - as appropriate to the incoming rate.

Yes, just as long as there is an analogue input available to receive audio from the Explorer 2.

The Explorer 2 will bypass the internal sound-card only if your particular audio-player is set to do so. Without the use of any third-party drivers, certain audio players still utilise the sound-card. Bear in mind that the DTS signal will need to be decoded by the computer before being passed onto the Explorer2 as the device accepts only two-channel PCM signals.

No. The Explorer 2 features analogue outputs only. There is no way to output digital signals of any type.

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