Repair Request Form

Meridian will accept products back for repair only if they are authorised and accompanied by a returns reference number. In order to request authorisation, complete this form in full.

  • We will review the details provided and, where appropriate, issue you with a returns reference number. We also may be able to provide you with the means to offer your customer a trade-in for an alternative product.
  • We reserve the right to refuse receipt of any products returned without prior agreement.
  • For a full list of legacy products that we repair, visit here.
  • Further details concerning our repair return process can be found here.
Customer Details

All fields are marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.

Product Details
Fault Description

Under Warranty

To make a claim under warranty you are required to show proof-of-purchase. Please provide a copy of the original dated sales receipt. Any item returned without proof-of-purchase will be assumed to be an out of warranty repair.

Out of Warranty

All non-warranty work is subject to our minimum charge of one hour’s labour plus any applicable shipping charges.


To minimise the time taken for the repair process, you can give us an upper price limit that you are willing to pay for the repair. If our estimated price for the repair falls below this limit, we will proceed with the work without further delay. In the absence of such a prior agreement, or if our estimate exceeds your limit, we will provide the estimate for your consideration.

On acceptance of an estimate, we will proceed with the work. If you decide that you do not want to proceed with the repair, our minimum charges will apply and, subject to payment, the item will be returned unrepaired.

 If the product(s) is not returned in its original packaging, Meridian reserves the right to use and bill for factory packaging for the return of the unit.