HP connected music

Meridian Audio, experts in audio technology for 35 years, bring you HP Connected Music powered by Meridian.

Meridian’s award-winning team has developed HP Connected Music powered by Meridian, the preferred music management application for select HP consumer PCs.
Meridian’s Audio Research consultancy team has already won acclaim for its work, providing high quality audio solutions for clients including Dolby Laboratories, McLaren Automotive and Jaguar Land Rover.

This custom-built application, to be offered on select HP products, provides elements of the rich user experience from our Meridian Digital Media systems, allowing consumers to experience music downloads, streaming services and internet radio all in one convenient place.


HP Connected Music powered by Meridian allows you to access all your music – your existing collections, online music services, internet radio and brand new content – with the same intuitive, award-winning graphic software interface that powers Meridian Digital Media Systems, one of the most advanced home entertainment systems available today. And it’s available free*, on select HP CONSUMER COMPUTERS.


HP Connected Music’s innovative Meridian software puts an end to endless scrolling through text lists and useless recommendations. It integrates all your music and gives you powerful, innovative ways to journey through the songs you know and love.

Locate, almost instantaneously, the songs, albums and artists you want to hear, with full album artwork and information at your fingertips. Or let HP Connected Music choose songs for you, based on intuitively-selected criteria. Amaze yourself, and delight your ears, as you rediscover material in your own collection that you’d forgotten.



Mix turns your choice of artists and genres into an intelligent playlist on the fly.

Focus intelligently finds the music you want, using an incredible selection of custom filters.

Glimpse shows your album covers in a brand new, and constantly-changing way every time – so none of your albums end up gathering dust.

HP Connected Music powered by Meridian provides a whole host of advanced playback technologies that give you a superb listening experience, free from endless decision-making, poor quality and awkward silences, bringing the enjoyment back to your music listening.


HP Connected Music powered by Meridian brings you completely new ways to discover and enjoy all the music you love, in one place – your HP computer. HP Connected Music lets you reach deep into vast music collections, unerringly locating what you’re looking for – whether it’s an artist, song, album or style – in seconds.

Make your music collection come alive – with HP Connected Music powered by Meridian. Available free* on select HP COMPUTERS.

*Streaming services may require a paid subscription