Installation by
Electric String

Meridian has collaborated with leading smart home integration company, Electric String to provide a top of the range digital audio installation within the opulent media room of a seven-bedroom mews property in Knightsbridge, London.


"The client wanted the best possible solution using the best products available."

Rob Sullivan, Electric String



Using Meridian’s discreet yet powerful DSP320 ceiling/in-wall loudspeakers, Electric String has provided the very best audio quality, saving significant rack space, without intruding on the beautiful interior design.



Electric String made use of Meridian’s free Design and Specification Service throughout the project. After receiving a layout of the property, Meridian provided Electric String with a full wiring schematic and a diagram showing the ideal ceiling placement for the speakers and other technology. This speeded up the installation process significantly, and gave the client peace of mind, showing why certain products were being used, and the precise design of the setup. As the system would be used for movies as well as music, Electric String opted for a multi-channel audio set up, with five DSP320 speakers installed in the ceiling of the living room, and a DSW subwoofer in a specially designed cabinet.