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Message from Professor Hirokazu Negishi, Founder of ARA

ARA proposal for High Quality Audio Disc.

The ARA circulated a proposal on a High-Quality Audio use of the DVD -- currently under development by WG-4 of the DVD Forum. A standard for Pure Audio use of DVD will soon be announced.

We have made the ARA proposal available here in the following formats:

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Adobe PDF format 102kB .pdf file pdf

A competing proposal for audio use of DVD suggests a bitstream coding method. Prof. Malcolm Hawksford of the ARA has written this argument in favour of PCM coding.

Bitstream versus pcm debate for high-density compact disc

ARA Submissions

Ambisonic and Multichannel coding Adobe PDF (18kB) pdf
Pre-Emphasis for use at 96kHz Adobe PDF (125kB) pdf
High Quality Audio Application of DVD Adobe PDF (76kB) pdf


Presentation to Japan Audio Society, June 1998

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