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It is an adapter which converts between Meridian’s Speakerlink connections and non-Speakerlink connection-types.

A single Speakerlink socket is “broken out” to the following:
• Digital audio on an RCA phono socket
• RS232 on a 9-pin D-Sub socket
• Meridian “Master Comms” on a 240° 5-pin DIN socket and a BNC socket (in parallel)
• Meridian “Slave Comms” on 180° 5-pin DIN socket and a BNC socket (in parallel)

No. There are use-cases which involve only current Meridian products.

No. It is a passive component and does not need external power.

No. Although counter-intuitive, there are use-cases where a Slave loudspeaker is connected to the Master Comms socket. If DIN connections are used, this will mean that a “5M” lead may be connected to a Slave loudspeaker. The data-sheet features an example of a system where this is done.

Yes. The AC12 features simple connections between the various sockets; they are not defined as inputs or outputs.

There is one issue to look out for when the following loudspeakers are used as Slave loudspeakers with an AC12: DSP5000, DSP5500, DSP6000 and DSP7000. It is explained fully on Meridian TechNote TN75.

Yes. The two pairs of sockets for each of the Comms types, “Master” and “Slave, are wired in parallel. However, there are no internal connections between the two pairs of sockets; i.e. Slave and Master connections do not meet each other inside the case.

Yes. This is useful if a suitable Serial-to-Speakerlink cable is not available. Once an AC12 is connected to the Speakerlink input socket on the loudspeaker using a network cable, firmware can be sent to the loudspeaker though a null-modem RS232 cable. A typical set-up would include laptop, USB-to-serial adapter, null modem (crossover) RS232 cable, AC12, network cable, loudspeaker. Note that it is essential to use a “crossover” RS232 lead for this to work.

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