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No. The Ultra DAC does not feature digital outputs, so it cannot provide the type of signal accepted by Meridian DSP loudspeakers.

The Ultra DAC can be set to provide a variable output for direct connection to power amplifier. Therefore, if the input capabilities of the Ultra DAC are suitable for all of the sources to be used in a system, then it can be used as the “pre-amp” in that system. However, it is important to note that the Ultra DAC has no analogue inputs, so this may preclude its use as a pre-amp when sources with only analogue outputs are to be used in the system.

This option is dependent on listening material and, to some extent, personal taste. However, if circumstances dictate, we suggest the leaving the product with the default setting of the ”Short” filter selected. This filter is designed to work well with music sourced at standard resolution. As the vast majority of available music is of this “CD quality”, it is likely to be a good choice in most cases.

When used to feed a pre-amp, the Ultra DAC should be set to fixed output. The “Gain Offset” control can then be used to reduce the output level to better suit the input capabilities of the pre-amp. The method for setting these parameters is described from page 26 on in the Ultra DAC user-guide.

Not necessarily. All the key features of the Ultra DAC are available through the front-panel set-up. The Meridian set-up program, MConfig, allows the settings of the Ultra DAC to be further personalised and for a back-up of the settings to be created.

Yes, but this requires the use of the Meridian set-up program, MConfig. The legends are limited to a maximum of five characters.

No. The Speakerlink input on the Ultra DAC does not support the passing of customised source legends. However, the two Meridian products can display matching legends if both products are set source-by-source to the same names manually. This requires the use of the MConfig set-up program.

The Ultra DAC is the ultimate audio end-point for a Sooloos or Roon system. However, another device is required on the network to host the Sooloos or Roon software. Within both Sooloos and Roon terminology, the host is known as the “Core” of the system. The Ultra DAC is not designed to perform this task as it involves the use of additional computer circuitry which, if included inside the Ultra DAC itself, would be detrimental to audio performance. 

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