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It allows Speakerlink-equipped loudpeakers to be fed from non-Speakerlink connections.

No. The unit cannot convert Speakerlink signals into non-Speakerlink feeds.

The AC12 is capable of converting signals for a single pair of audio channels, so several may be needed in some multichannel systems. The AC11 allows a complete system of up to eight channels to be wired using one unit.

Yes. It is supplied with an external mains PSU module.

Yes, it is supplied with bolt-on rack “ears”. It can be mounted to the front or the back of a rack as convenient for the system in question.

This is connected to other Meridian products making up in the “front-end“ of the system. These products should be “daisy-chained” with Meridian comms leads, so the AC11 can be connected to any Meridian Comms socket which happens to be available.

When using a Master loudspeaker without Speakerlink connections, the Comms output of the Master loudspeaker is connected to this socket using a “5S” lead. This provides Slave Comms to the AC11 which can be passed in turn to any Slave loudspeakers which are connected via Speakerlink.

This allows RS232 commands to be fed to the Master loudspeaker connected to the “A Master” Speakerlink socket. Note these RS232 commands are not passed to the other Meridian products connected to the AC11.

In some Meridian surround systems, there is a choice for which loudspeaker is used as the “Master” loudspeaker. The Master Speakerlink output socket is fed from the left-most digital audio input socket on the AC11 and the other digital inputs are similarly hard-wired to their respective pair of Speakerlink sockets. As we don’t know whether the Master is left, right, centre or whatever, the letters A, B, C and D have been used to indicate this internal connections without prescribing which loudspeakers these connections end up going to.

This can be used if the system includes a Master loudspeaker which is connected using Speakerlink and Slave loudspeakers which do not have Speakerlink. The Speakerlink output of the Master loudspeaker is connected to this socket. The Comms coming back from the Master loudspeaker is then fed via the AC11 to the BNC and DIN “Slave Comms” sockets.

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