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It has five 12V outlets which use 3-pin mini-DIN sockets and one USB connection.

The five 12V outlets can each provide up to 500mA and the USB socket can deliver 5V at up to 1A. All available simultaneously.

This allows data fed into the USB input to be passed on through to the output where it is combined with power derived by the Prime Power Supply. This power is reliable and low in noise. This “clean” power replaces the potentially lower-quality power from the computer or other USB source.

Yes. It is supplied with a USB-A to USB-mini lead for use on the USB output.

No. One mini-DIN lead is supplied. This is approximately 30cm in length.

Yes. It uses a mains lead with a “C3” connector. This is the “clover-leaf” connector used on some laptop PSUs.

Yes. The front-panel power button switches all the sockets on and off.

No. The product is built to operate with a specific mains voltage range. This means that, for example, a unit built for use in Europe cannot be used in the USA without internal modification.

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