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This shows that the unit is in “On” mode with all amplifier channels active.

With mains power connected, switch on using the power switch on the back-panel. The unit will go into “On” mode with the front-panel LED illuminated and all amplifier channels active.

This shows that the unit is in “Standby” mode. Minimal power is consumed by the unit and the amplifier channels will produce no audio.

This can be done by pressing the front-panel button or by applying the appropriate signal to the Trigger input on the back of the unit (switching from 12V to 0V).

Each one of these relates to an individual amplifier channel. Each shows blue when the unit is in “On” mode and the channel is running. Hence, in normal use all eight should be illuminated.

The “Phoenix” loudspeaker terminal connectors supplied with the unit can accept cables of up to 12 AWG in thickness (3.31mm2).

No. Any combination of any number of channels can be used without any adverse effects.

Yes. The 258 runs cool and, as its maximum operating temperature is approximately 65°C, multiple units can be used without the need for excessive cooling measures.

No. The variation in diameter and length of screws required to fit the unit into differing rack designs makes it difficult to supply screws which are universal to all racks. Hence, you will need to provide appropriate screws yourself.

If the amplifier channel concerned is not being driven (i.e. it is silent) when the short is applied, then the amplifier will not be affected. If the amplifier channel is being driven when it is shorted, that channel will switch off to protect itself. This is indicated by its individual rear-panel LED turning off. The other channels will continue to work. Once the
short is removed, the affected channel will resume normal functionality.

If any of the channels are asked to deliver excessively high current, such as when driving a load of less than 4Ω, the high current draw may cause that channel to shut down. As the amplifier channel cools down, it will come back on. If the high current demand remains, the channel will subsequently shut down again. This cycle will repeat for as long as the problem conditions exist.

This shows that the unit has overheated. This occurs if the underside of the unit exceeds 65°C in temperature. In this mode, all amplifier channels are muted so no audio is produced by the unit. If the source of the overheating is removed and the unit cools down, normal functionality will resume automatically.

The front-panel LED turns red when the unit exceeds a temperature of 65°C. If the temperature of the unit exceeds 95°C, the unit trips its power off via an internal relay and the front-panel LED turns off. If the source of the overheating is removed, and the unit is allowed to cool, it will be necessary to reset the unit by turning off the power at the back panel and then on again.

The unit is not powered for some reason. If mains power is present and back-panel switch is in the “On” position, the unit may have tripped out in order to protect itself from internal damage. If this is due to external causes, then once the problem has been corrected, the unit will need to be reset by turning off the power at the back-panel and then on again.

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