Movement that inspires.

For over 75 years, Kia has been putting people on the move. They have proudly delivered solutions that help people move from one location to another, connecting them with each other, and bridging physical and emotional distances between them.

The Meridian sound system features strategically placed speakers throughout the cabin. In addition, a number of innovative proprietary technologies have been exclusively tailored for the K8, EV6 and EV9 allowing customers to enjoy a natural, lifelike, and authentic experience throughout the cabin.


Meridian Horizon is an upmixing technology providing immersive multichannel audio from two channel stereo content, configured for any loudspeaker layout. Providing a truly enveloping and immersive listening experience.


Meridian RE-Q is a Cabin Correction technology that removes unwanted cabin resonances, preserving the natural rhythm and timing of the performance. Bass becomes smooth, deep and balanced.


Meridian Intelli-Q is Data-Driven Equalisation that optimises audio playback within the cabin based on data available from the vehicle such as speed, window state, occupancy and audio source. This ensures all occupants in the vehicle enjoy optimal audio experience at all times.


The Meridian system for Kia has been designed with a suite of proprietary DSP technologies, which combine to deliver a state-of-the-art listening experience. Loudspeakers are strategically positioned and seamlessly integrated into the luxury automotive interior, allowing each passenger to enjoy an audio experience of unparalleled quality, no matter where they are in the vehicle.

"We are excited to be integrating Meridian’s authentic and natural sound in the new EV9, Every element of the interior has been designed with occupant-centric convenience in mind, and this collaboration provides a very special, British premium sound experience for our customers."

Byungchul Cho, Kia Corporation’s Head of Product Planning

"We worked very closely with Kia's development teams to create a tailored audio system for the K8 which provides driver and passengers with a truly immersive, captivating listening experience."

Meridian Audio CEO - John Buchanan

Kia Models Featuring Meridian Sound Systems

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