When Milan-based integrator, Domoworks, was looking to create a cinema space in its showroom, they turned to Meridian Audio – the manufacturer who they knew would be able to deliver the best audio experience.

Domoworks spent a year planning, designing, and installing this cinema room. Working with an architect and lighting designer to develop the concept of a Star Trek design, Domoworks turned the design into reality, ensuring the room architecture, acoustics, technology and lighting were all delivered to a high standard. Domoworks made use of Meridian’s complimentary Design & Specification Service to facilitate this process.

Wanting the room to deliver an audio punch, Domoworks paid close attention to acoustic requirements. Nine individual motorised acoustic panels were installed around the room, to offer absorption, diffusion, and reflective treatment, but also provide a unique design element. The system has several audio presets, including “movie”, “music multichannel”, and “stereo music.”

This Dolby Atmos 7.4.2 cinema room features two audio set ups, allowing Domoworks to change the demonstration depending on their client’s requirements and budget.

Two Meridian DSP8000SE floorstanding loudspeakers provide a statement at the front of the room. Featuring Meridian’s unique Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology as standard, these Special Edition speakers are the flagship in Meridian’s range, offering the very finest in detail, accuracy, and power, all at 24bit and 192kHz precision. The high-quality speakers contain integral DAC’s, pre-amplifiers, power amplifiers, and built-in high efficiency digital crossovers. Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA) technology within the DSP8000s delivers exceptional bass and full-range audio performance. The result is a perfectly aligned immersive audio experience where all ranges of sound reach the listener at one time.

A DSP7200HC Digital Active Loudspeaker is the ideal companion for the DSP8000SE loudspeaker and is mounted behind an acoustically transparent projection screen. The DSP7200HC provides sound that is incredibly lifelike, in scale and tone. Using Meridian’s unique centre channel elevation technology, the perceived image height of the DSP7200HC can be raised to match the height of the DSP8000SE. This gives a seamless front sound stage with perfect matching of audio and video on screen. This speaker set up also features M&K Surround Sound speakers.

The audio is driven by a Meridian 271 Digital Theatre Controller – alongside Trinnov/Lexicon processing – which is designed to integrate any analogue or digital AV processor on the market with Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers, renowned for bringing the best, hi-resolution, immersive audio into home cinemas.

A Crestron remote control provides control of all the technology in the room.

“The idea behind the cinema in our showroom was to build something completely new and different,” explained ENG. Fabio Garrone (Domoworks). “Our concept was to base the room on a Star Trek design and in collaboration with an architect, lighting designer, and our acoustic engineer, we found the best balance between aesthetics and audio performance.”

This project took Domoworks a year from the concept to final complete, but the project has been worth it. Not only has the integrator enjoyed welcoming clients and partners to the showroom, but they have also received recognition for the project, having been awarded Best Cinema Showroom by Italian distributor, Adeo Group.

"The idea behind the cinema in our showroom was to build something completely new and different"

Fabio Garrone, Engineer, Domoworks

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