We have worked with Bravo AV to create a stunning home cinema in the Mountain Lakes area of New Jersey, providing premium performance sound that packs a punch. 

Bravo AV stepped in to turn the homeowner’s plan to create a dedicated, top of the range home theatre, into a reality. The room they had in mind for the install was in the lower level of the home, alongside a gym and a games room with access to the pool and outside sitting area. For this reason, the audio had to be well-contained within the space, whilst still delivering a stand-out performance.

To deliver on the brief for spectacular sound, Bravo AV specified and installed three Meridian DSP640 In-Wall Loudspeakers for the left, center, and right speakers. Perfect for the home theater setting, the loudspeaker’s wide range drive units create incredibly lifelike sound with minimum unwanted diffraction, combined with Meridian’s center elevation adjustment technology, which raises the perceived image location for the best movie-watching experience possible, no matter where the viewers were sitting in the room. Measuring just 200mm wide, the DSP640’s were the perfect solution for the space, seamlessly integrating into the sleek, contemporary décor. Built-in Meridian technologies including Enhanced Bass Alignment (EBA), FIFO buffering, DSP upsampling, apodising filters and Meridian High Resolution (MHR) ensure the very best audio performance, whilst remaining hidden from view.

To add to the audio line up, four DSP320 In-Wall Loudspeakers were integrated into the room to provide the side and rear surround sound, as well as another four installed into the ceiling, to completely immerse the viewer in sound. Featuring Meridian’s renowned DSP technologies, the DSP320’s have two impressive, integrated 80W amplifiers, on-board digital signal processing for thermal and dynamic bass protection, and wide dispersion over a maximum listening area for high-quality, equally balanced audio.

The home theater also features a Meridian 271 Digital Theater Controller, ensuring hi-res, immersive audio throughout the space. The 271 is designed to integrate any analog or digital AV processor or receiver on the market with Meridian’s DSP loudspeakers for exceptional home theater performance. The location of the home theater posed a number of challenges, several windows contended with the screen and speaker locations, as well as letting in too much light overall. To solve the problem, Bravo AV removed the windows that interfered with the screen and the front left and front right channel Meridian speakers.

Although the room posed an interesting and challenging project for Bravo AV, the end result speaks for itself. A combination of good design and high-performance audio provides a home theater where both family and guests can enjoy the true cinematic experience in style.

"The end result speaks for itself."

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