When Australian-based integrator, Denote, was contracted to transform an unused room into a multi-purpose media room, they partnered with Meridian to deliver a high-performing audio system that would exceed the expectations of their client.

Bridge View, a luxurious home in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, was due for a major renovation. Boasting over 1,000 square metres of living space, the 7-bedroom residence overlooks the Sydney Harbour and is home to a family of music lovers and regular hosts. Denote took on the project and worked closely with the owners, who were residing in America during the planning phases. Mindful of the family's past experiences with unreliable technology, Denote carefully selected a high-power audiovisual system for the revamped residence.

One of the main focuses within this project was to ensure the media room delivered crystal-clear sound, addressing a previous concern regarding dialogue audibility. Denote collaborated closely with Meridian to curate an unparalleled experience utilising its complementary Design & Specification Service. Jono Dorset, Director at Denote, commented: “I always use the Design & Specification Service to help convey the intent of the system. I find it very beneficial to highlight the various configuration options. This often leads to an upgraded system as the clients can easily see the different performance levels on offer.

The project, which has since garnered multiple awards at the 2023 CEDIA Smart Home Awards in the APAC region, features a Meridian 271 Home Theatre Controller at the core of the media room’s audio setup. This controller orchestrates a Dolby Atmos 7.4.4 configuration, immersing listeners in captivating sound. The room was installed with nine Meridian DSP520.2 Digital Active loudspeakers in a High Power Array (HPA) set up at the front of the room and a further eight DSP520.2 loudspeakers around the room, ensuring unmatched audio fidelity. What initially began as a cinema space evolved into a versatile media room, with a professional karaoke system integrated into the setup.

"I have now delivered several immersive cinema spaces with the help of Meridian, and I am always incredibly impressed by the natural sound, power, and musicality of Meridian’s audio systems,” continued Jono. “This was our first foray into HPA using nine speakers to get adequate output for this larger-sized space. This system has incredible authority. By utilising matching speakers for every channel, the tonality and balance make for a beautifully cohesive surround performance. Adhering to CEDIA-CEB22’s standards, we ensured optimal dialogue audibility and cohesive surround performance, surpassing the client's expectations."

Powered by Meridian’s exclusive ‘CLASS-M’ DSP engine and integrated with ‘DYNAMIC’ Hi-Res amplifiers, the DSP520.2 is perfect for delivering Meridian's renowned audio quality discreetly in any living or cinema room. The HPA technology utilised in this installation enables integrators to install three identical DSP loudspeakers in a stack or array configuration. This configuration ensures minimal interference and spectral variation between speakers, resulting in an even response so that every listener in the room experiences Meridian’s signature high-resolution sound and fidelity.

Bridge View blends high-quality technology and luxurious living, offering its occupants an unparalleled entertainment experience that has earned recognition and acclaim within the industry.

Equipment List

1x Meridian 271 – Home Theatre Controller

17x Meridian DSP520.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers

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