As a leader of Pioneering British Audio and innovation, Meridian shares Land Rover’s drive for quality, performance and dedication in order to recreate the most authentic and immersive audio possible.

With capability at its very heart, Land Rover is the ultimate ‘go anywhere’ family of vehicles. Whether you wish to tackle the trickiest urban drive or most challenging off-road terrain, you can do so with the utmost confidence. Whichever vehicle you choose, you’ll find it has been created to look and drive like no other. With peerless design cues and exemplary levels of comfort and capability at their very core, every single vehicle in the Range Rover family delivers a highly refined drive. Presenting the very finest attributes of the luxury SUV, the ceaseless pursuit of excellence is manifest in everything you see and touch.

Trifield 3D

Meridian Trifield technology includes a dedicated height channel. This renders all instruments, performers, and venues in true scale and location adding a further sense of realism for all passengers.


Meridian RE-Q is a Cabin Correction technology that removes unwanted cabin resonances, preserving the natural rhythm and timing of the performance. Bass becomes smooth, deep and balanced.

Digital Precision

Meridian Digital Precision maximises the signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring the finest details of every song are retained. Distortion is reduced and the noise floor lowered which optimise the signal output meaning the listener experiences every detail of the musical performance with minimal distortion.

The Meridian systems feature a number of advanced proprietary technologies to optimise and enhance both the driver and passengers listening experience, informed by the way in which humans process sound. 


You will feel the rhythm and enjoy all the finer details of your music as it is delivered with exceptional definition. Through the careful arrangement of door-mounted speakers, the most detailed of musical nuances, from crystal clear highs to full, deep bass, are reproduced accurately, resulting in a natural, engaging musical experience which evokes the emotions of the original recording.


Using Meridian's unique sound enhancing technologies, each listener is enveloped in the fullness and clarity of a live performance through a collection of side, front and rear speakers, seamlessly unified using Trifield technology. With the ability to identify the length and width of the soundstage from every seat, this is an engaging, authentic audio experience.


Feel and appreciate music in a new dimension. The upwards expansion of height speakers along with our world-first Trifield 3D technology moves you beyond the length and width of the stage to the height of each performance. This is a truly unique reproduction of a live concert, emanating a personal sound experience for every seat.





"The stereo is quite simply the best I've ever encountered"

Jeremy Clarkson

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