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EbM supplies world leading brands with audio engineering consultancy services, technologies and brand licensing. EbM is part of British Audio Technology Pioneers, Meridian.

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Our partnerships are the natural consequence of our desire to share high performance, and world leading brands choose EbM to enhance their customers’ listening experiences. Our unique audio technologies and unsurpassed knowledge of digital signal processing enables EbM to transform the way people experience sound, wherever they are.


Everything we do starts with listening.

At EbM, we understand the value that combining the expertise of different teams can bring to innovative projects. Our knowledge of psychoacoustics, combined with an understanding of the challenges posed by different listening environments, are the most important reasons customers choose to work with us.

We love a challenge. So, whether it’s blue sky thinking for a new product or technology, or optimising an existing solution, our engineering can add real commercial advantage.

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