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FFA (Full Frequency Alignment)

The sounds passing through a loudspeaker are delayed by the crossovers, drive-units and the type of enclosure being used. The amount of delay varies with frequency; the lower the frequency, the longer the delay. No such delays are present when listening to a live musical event and, as the speed of sound is the same for all frequencies, all frequencies from real instruments arrive at your ear at the same time.

Meridian Full Frequency Alignment (FFA) for Automotive uses a combination of digital filters and time delays to ensure all frequencies leave a Meridian loudspeaker at the same time so, as with real instruments, all sounds arrive at your ear as they should. This type of time-alignment across the frequency range is impossible to achieve in any passive or analogue-active loudspeaker design and it adds a dimension of realism unachievable without FFA.


When experiencing real-life auditory events, different frequencies reach your ear at the same time because all sound travels through air at the same speed. However, loudspeakers act as high-pass filters, which delays the bass and so when listening to sounds reproduced over loudspeakers, low frequencies arrive slightly later than higher frequencies, creating a blurred reproduction.


Meridian has developed a combination of digital filters and delays to correct the group-delay of our loudspeakers and ensure that all frequencies reach your ear at the same time.


Full Frequency Alignment (FFA) delivers exceptional imaging and a clear, transparent, more life-like sound.

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