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At low frequencies loudspeakers can be assumed to be monopole sources, radiating sound equally in all directions. However, when they are placed close to reflecting surfaces, such as close to a wall or in a corner, reflected low frequencies combine with the direct sound from the loudspeaker causing a perceived increase in bass. 

Meridian Free-Q allows the user to set the location of the loudspeaker and the bass response is automatically adjusted, thus maintaining a natural and smooth bass response.


If a loudspeaker is placed close to a reflecting surface, or surfaces, then the direct and indirect, reflected sounds combine at low frequencies. This results in a perceived increase in bass output and can create “boomy” bass.


By considering where the loudspeaker is placed, e.g., in a corner, on a shelf or in the free-field, DSP can be used to compensate for acoustic problems associated with specific placement conditions.


Free-Q results in consistent audio performance regardless of where the loudspeaker is placed.

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